Discover American Collegiate
Earn US university credits before you arrive on campus, transfer into a Top 50 US university, or start your first academic year from home.

American Collegiate partners with top-ranked US universities to serve the unique needs of international students planning to study in the USA. Discover which initiative—Transfer or Live—is the best fit for you and your goals!

AC Live: Study for Your Degree from Anywhere in the World

With our Live-to Device technology, you can start earning university credits from anywhere you call home. Learn from experienced faculty from top-ranked US universities.

Bilingual translation support for academic coursework.
Earn university credits recognized throughout the United States.
Study courses in English, mathematics, science, history, and more.

Transfer Programs

Spend your first year at American University in Washington, DC, or at UCLA Extension School in Los Angeles, CA, earning undergraduate-level credits you can apply toward a transfer to a top-ranked US university. When you come to American Collegiate, you will develop the academic and cultural skills needed to succeed at any university in America or beyond.

Earn up to one year of undergraduate-level credit.
Receive personalized guidance on selecting a major and choosing a transfer school.
Apply as a transfer student anywhere in the US after year one.

Become part of your campus community, from home, through digital student advising, videoconference tutoring, and online gatherings including game nights and movie watch parties. You will feel connected to your new campus—even before you arrive in the US.