Prepare for the Start of Your Program

Congratulations and welcome to American Collegiate Live. Soon you’ll be earning recognized university credits through our Live-to-Device technology platform, without having to leave home.

Contact Your Advisor

We have a team of dedicated personal advisors whose job it is to make sure all your questions are answered and to ensure you have a smooth transition to American Collegiate Live.

Before you begin preparing for the start of your program, contact your local personal advisor. Simply select your region of the world below, and send your advisor an email, Skype, WhatsApp, or WeChat message. We look forward to meeting you very soon!





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Latin America

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Middle East

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North America

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UK and Western Europe

Ngoc Hoang (Vietnam)

Tel:+84 382 027 922WhatsApp:+84 382 027 922Skype:live:bichngoc.ufmEmail Ngoc

Solayide Adenuga (Africa)

Tel:+234.806.662.9088WhatsApp:+234.806.662.9088Email Solayide

Vartika (North America)

Phone number:+91-8920463212Email Vartika

Padma (North America)

Phone number:+91-6381067726Email Padma

Veena Iyer (India)

Phone number:+91-8828317960WhatsApp:+91-8828317960Email Veena

Kapil Dev (India)

Phone number:+91-7982570704WhatsApp:+91-7982570704Email Kapil

Amanpreet Singh (India)

Phone number:+91-9311136326WhatsApp:+91-9311136326Email Amanpreet

Damini Rajpoot (India)

Phone number:+91-8800020429WhatsApp:+91-8800020429Email Damini

Hitesh Arora (India)

Phone number:+91-8826911998WhatsApp:+91-8826911998Email Hitesh

Sayli Vaydande (India)

Phone number:+91-9653473094WhatsApp:+91-9653473094Email Sayli

Sakshi Parashar (India)

Phone number:+91- 880728950WhatsApp:+91- 880728950Email Sakshi

Prerna Dhir (India)

Phone number:+91-9872221636WhatsApp:+91-9872221636Email Prerna

Mohammad Shaban Khan (India)

Phone number:+91-8700757968WhatsApp:+91-8700757968Email Mohammad

Diksha Roy (India)

Phone number:+91-8882593634WhatsApp:+91-8882593634Email Diksha

Amol Pote (India)

Phone number:+91-9326469936WhatsApp:+91-9326469936Email Amol

Tiffany Chan (North Asia excluding Korea)

Phone number:+886 903006063WhatsApp:+852 9222 3579LINE:tiffany-cccEmail Tiffany

Chau Luu (Vietnam)

Phone number:+84 962 442 193Whatsapp:+84 962 442 193Skype:live:chau.luuquynhEmail Chau

Nikita (India)

Tel:+91 9310587075WhatsApp:+91 9310587075Email Nikita

Isha (India)

Tel:+91 9953550789WhatsApp:+91 9953550789Email Isha

Rakesh (India)

Tel:+91 9096507300WhatsApp:+91 9096507300Email Rakesh

Sahil Massey (India)

Tel:+91- 9811718710WhatsApp:+91- 9811718710Email Sahil

Laxmi Pawar (India)

Tel:+91 98183 96406WhatsApp:+91 98183 96406Email Laxmi

Daniyal (Pakistan)

Tel:+92 310 588 8648WhatsApp:+92 310 588 8648Email Daniyal


Tel:+57 310 7880364WhatsApp:+57 310 7880364Email Valeria

Sanjukta (North America)

Tel:+91-9820162776WhatsApp:+91-9820162776Email Sanjukta


Tel:+1 239-744-9468WhatsApp:+1 239-744-9468WeChat:alexis0426Email Alexis


Tel:+1 347 399 35 72WhatsApp:+1 347 399 35 72Email Sofya


Tel:+971 58 831 8521WhatsApp:+971 58 831 8521Email Samah

Alsu Samatova

Tel:+7 939 346 09 59WhatsApp:+7 939 346 09 59Email Alsu

Abbie (North Asia, excluding Korea)

Tel:+852-8481-0532WhatsApp:+852-8481-0532Email Abbie

Doris (South China)

Tel:+86-150-1870-6751QQ:2282183545Email Doris

Bibiane (Korea)

Tel:+82-10-7711-6538WhatsApp:+82-10-7711-6538Email Bibiane

Taha (Pakistan)

Tel:+92-307-333-6878WhatsApp:+92-307-333-6878Skype:tshahid29Email Taha

Alice (Northwest)

Tel:+1-857-315-8730WhatsApp:+1-857-315-8730WeChat:aliceqinusEmail Alice

Chris (Southwest)

Tel:+1-508-948-7542WhatsApp:+1-508-948-7542WeChat:chris040594Email Chris

Ainara Gainedenova

Tel:+7 (778) 887 17 53WhatsApp:+7 (778) 887 17 53Email Ainara


QQ:1925259247Tel:+86-135-2182-7910Email Vicky

Sakshi Bhatia (India)

WhatsApp:+91-995-351-0160Skype:arorasakshi187Tel:+91-995-351-0160Email Sakshi

Viraja (India)

WhatsApp:+91 7028090894Skype:+91 7028090894Tel:+91 7028090894Email Viraja


WhatsApp:+84-908-792-892Skype:diemchau.dtTel:+84-908-792-892Email Chau


WhatsApp:+66-96-982-0007Skype:awesome.saranyaTel:+66-96-982-0007Email Saranya


QQ:713070180Tel:+86-159-2876-6884Email Jane


QQ:713070180Tel:+86-183-1016-8200Email Lisha

University of Massachusetts Global

Discover which steps you need to take before you start your program.

Before You Start: University of Massachusetts Global

Soon you’ll be starting your American Collegiate Live classes with experienced faculty from the University of Massachusetts Global, a top-ranked US university.

1. Mark your calendar for orientation

The first week of your program is dedicated to a mandatory orientation. During the orientation, we will cover everything from student support model, academic requirements to technology and campus resources. The hours of orientation may vary depending on the day and where you are located in the world. You will receive an orientation schedule and Zoom login as it gets closer to the start of the program.

2. Activate your University of Massachusetts Global (UMG) Student Account and Email
About one week before orientation you will receive an email from with the subject ‘Reset Your UMass Global Password’ (this will be sent to the email address you used when applying to ACL). To activate your student account, click on the link in the email then use this guide, which has step-by-step instructions to finish the setup of your student account and email. You must activate your UMG student account and email address as this will be where you can view your grades and order transcripts.
3. Pay your tuition
Please refer to your statement of fees to make the tuition payment. Instructions for payment, as well as a flywire link to submit the payment, will be included on that statement of fees. Sponsored students or in-region customized program students can ignore this step.
4. Purchase your second monitor
As part of the Live to Device experience, we recommend all students purchase a second monitor. The experience is designed to be optimized with the use of the second monitor. You can find recommended specifications to purchase the monitor here.
5. Download Google Chrome
Download no later than one week prior to orientation Google Chrome is required for the use of UCommons. You will use UCommons, and therefore Google Chrome, for all of your Live lectures. You can download Google Chrome from the link here if you are in China, and the link here if you are anywhere outside of China.
6. Activate your UCommons account and complete your profile


Complete your UCommons profile prior to orientation.

UCommons is the platform you will use for all Live lectures, assignments and course resources. Instructions on how to activate your UCommons account will be sent to your PERSONAL email about one week before your orientation.

Confirm your personal email address. Please ensure that the personal email address on file is the email address you would like to use for all technology account set-ups and where you wish to receive future communications. If you are unsure what personal email address is on file, please reach out to your Enrollment Services Advisor to confirm which address should be used.

7. Download Zoom

Download Zoom no later than two weeks prior to orientation

In order to attend your orientation, you will need Zoom. Additionally, Zoom is the audio and video technology used as part of the AC Live experience. All students regardless of location will need to download the zoom app at You can access it here. You must use the US app downloaded here. With this Zoom app from the US you will be able to access all the Live lectures.

8. Register for Miro Whiteboard

Register prior to orientation. Follow these instructions to register for Miro Whiteboard. Miro allows you to access an interactive whiteboard along with other important collaborative tools inside the UCommons platform.

9. Ensure you have the proper equipment to take Live lectures

Complete no later than one week prior to orientation. For a full list of requirements, recommended hardware, and helpful videos, click here.

To ensure the best experience for you and your fellow students, there are certain technology requirements you must follow. Please ensure that you have:

  1. Either a Mac or Windows machine to participate in Live lectures. Please note that our technology is not compatible with phones or tablets.
  2. A camera on your laptop—it is a requirement to be on video to get credit for class.
  3. The Google Chrome browser
  4. Headphones with a microphone
  5. Strong bandwidth (ie internet speed). You can test your bandwidth here. Please ensure that your internet bandwidth is a minimum of:
    1. Receiving 1080p HD video requires 20.0 Mbps download speed.
    2. Sending 1080p HD video requires 10.0 Mbps upload speed.
    3. Note: Using a hotspot from your phone or tablet will not suffice.
  6. A second monitor: A second monitor is recommended for all Live to Device students. Please refer to checklist item number 5 for more details.
10. Order your textbooks
Once you receive your course schedule, you will also get your textbook list. Please note the all textbooks will be available as e-books, and it is the responsibility of the student to purchase the textbooks. Depending on track, the cost for e-books generally ranges from about $200 to 400 total. Students enrolled in Tracks 2, 3, and 4 will pay for their English language textbooks along with their tuition. The cost of English textbooks is $225. All other course textbooks are purchased after receiving your schedule.