Frequently Asked Questions


How will I take my course?
You will take courses from the comfort of your home through the Live-to-Device (LTD) online technology: log in on your personal laptop and engage with your professors and other students virtually.
How do I enroll and register?

Call our enrollment counselors at +1 617-765-3726  or visit and start your application today.

Who will my instructors be?

Courses are taught by faculty at nationally ranked and internationally recognized US universities.

Who is AC Live for?

American Collegiate Live is a great option for students who want to start earning credits for a US degree early—at any college or university in the US—or who are uncertain about travel to the US.

What is American Collegiate Live?

American Collegiate Live (AC Live) is a one- or two-semester academic-credit bearing, digital classroom experience. Through state-of-the-art interactive technology in a real-time setting, you can start your US university career at home and transfer seamlessly to your chosen university in the US.

You can start earning credits toward your degree early; or, if you are worried about traveling to the US this fall, American Collegiate Live allows you to take your first semester—or two—at home.

You can enroll in the same amount of credit-bearing courses as if you were in the US.

How will American Collegiate Live benefit me?

– You will stay on track with your studies, or you can get a head start on earning credits towards your degree.
– You will experience a real-time digital classroom that’s as good as being there, with local support.
– You will earn credits that are recognized at universities throughout the US.

Program Information

I have enrolled. How do I take the courses?
Students log into American Collegiate Live portal on their personal computers.
What times are the courses taught?
The courses will be taught in the morning US time, between 6AM and 11AM Eastern Standard Time (EST). The exact schedule for each student will vary by track As courses are taught via live broadcast, students are required to be online during the exact same times as professors and peers. Students should look closely at time zones to ensure that these times work for their personal schedules.
What are the admissions requirements?

There is no minimum GPA requirement to apply. AC Live Honors requires a minimum 2.5 GPA.
5.0 IELTS or higher for Tracks, 1, 2, and 3
3.5 IELTS or equivalent for Track 4

Note: if students are unable to travel to the US and are enrolling in American Collegiate Live for their first semester, they should ensure that they are enrolling in both American Collegiate Live and their destination university at the same time.

For details on American Collegiate Live program options, universities offering pre-evaluated courses, estimated credit transfers and sample courses please visit

How can I submit an English proficiency score if the English language testing centers near me are closed?

American Collegiate Live accepts either the ITEP exam with virtual proctoring or the Duolingo English exam (DET). Contact an Enrollment Counselor who can advise you which on-demand test may be best for you.


Transferable Credits

What kind of credits will I get?

US university credits that are recognized at universities around the US.

Will the credits I earn count toward degree requirements at my US transfer university?

All credits earned within the AC Live program are taught and transcripted by nationally ranked and regionally accredited universities with wide credit recognition at colleges and universities throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond.

Please speak with your enrollment counselor and review articulations and transfer policies for your destination university. 

Will I be a transfer student after American Collegiate Live?

It depends on your admissions status at the time of your enrollment in AC Live and your university’s agreement with American Collegiate.

As a student enrolled in AC Live, you will earn credit toward your degree that is broadly recognized at many institutions.

Will I receive a transcript?
Yes. You will receive a transcript from a nationally-ranked US university.

Grades, Class, Attendance, and Support

How will I be graded for American Collegiate Live classes?

Your grades are based on a combination of pre- and post-classwork, group work, class participation, and exams.

How long will the classes and coursework take me to each week?

The amount of time varies by track and semester, but you should generally plan to be in class three to four hours a day, four days per week.

Will I take any weekend classes?
You may need to. It will depend on your track and your start date. You will receive a detailed course schedule and calendar during orientation.
English is not my first language. Is there language support?
Yes. You will receive bilingual translated slide guides, and you will have support from in-time zone bilingual program advisors. Advisors attend each Live lecture and are also available between lectures
Bilingual support is available in Arabic, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Thai, and Hindi, and additional languages will be added soon.
What do I do if I have questions about an assignment?

Yes. You will have the ability to schedule office hours directly with faculty.

Are there attendance requirements?

Yes. Attendance and participation are components of the American Collegiate Live program and will be a part of your grade. Specific attendance rates in relation to grades will be up to each faculty member. 

What if I miss a class?

Yes. Students should reach out to their program coordinator for assistance in reviewing materials. However, it will still count as an absence. 

What if I can’t start the class on the date it’s scheduled to begin?

Unfortunately, students must register for courses and begin classes at the published deadlines to be in lock step with their peers. If they are unable to start, they should continue to engage their counselor and AC Live advisor on how best to prepare for their next step.

Technology Requirements

What kind of computer and operating system do I need for AC Live?

Mac OS X (High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina)

Windows 10 Pro
(Tested on Windows 10 Pro, Version 1903, OS build 18362.476)
Lenovo ThinkPad (X1 Carbon)

What kind of port do I need?

USB C with display support is preferred.
All new MacBook Pros support this.

USB C with display support is preferred.
Suggestion: Lenovo ThinkPad.

HDMI port will also work if you do not have a touchscreen.

Which web browser should I use?
Google Chrome ONLY
Do I need more than one monitor?

We recommend all Live students purchase a second monitor, as the Live-to-Device experience is optimized with two screens.  You should visit the Before You Start page to review the second monitor specifications and recommendations.

Does my Internet need to work at a certain speed?

Yes. You should have a minimum download/upload speed of 10 mbps or higher.

Don’t know? Use this link to test your Internet speed:


How much does AC Live cost?

The costs for American Collegiate Live vary by track.
See list of costs here.

Will I need to pay my US university as well?

This varies based on university and program – please reach out to your enrollment counselor for more details.



Is financial aid and scholarships available?
Yes. Scholarships are available; please speak with your advisor.
Why are American Collegiate Live fall programs more expensive than those in the summer?
Costs are directly related to credits. Students will earn more credits in fall, so the cost is higher.