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Pre-Arrival Information

Please review the Before You Arrive page for more information.

Orientation Schedule
Winter 2024
Campus Arrival Day: Jan 2 Orientation Week: Jan 2-5
Summer 2024
Campus Arrival Day: Jun 17 Orientation Week: Jun 17-21
Spring 2024
Campus Arrival Day: Mar 25 Orientation Week: Mar 25-29
Fall 2024
Campus Arrival Day: Sep 16 Orientation Week: Sep 17-19
**Students will receive their final orientation schedule, via email, at least two weeks prior to orientation.
Additional Resources
UCLA Extension Academic Calendar: To schedule airport pick-up, please complete the American Collegiate, LA Arrival Form.
Set up your US Phone
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is orientation mandatory?
Yes! All students are required to attend the American Collegiate, Los Angeles (ACLA) program orientation
What should I bring to orientation?
A positive attitude and willingness to learn from the ACLA Team and peers. Also, visit the ACLA Before You Arrive page for a list of items to bring with you to campus.
What if I cannot arrive to campus on time and miss orientation?
All students are required to attend ACLA program orientation. If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances that will not allow you to make it to campus on time to attend orientation (ex. delayed visa approval), please contact your Enrollment Services Advisor immediately. You will need approval from the ACLA Managing Director to arrive after the scheduled campus arrival day.
Will orientation be online or in-person?
Orientation will be a hybrid of mostly in-person and remote/virtual sessions. The final ACLA orientation schedule will be shared with students at least two weeks prior to the program start date.


Academic Calendar

UCLA Extension Academic Calendar

Summer 2023 Fall 2023 Winter 2024
Move-In April 23, 2023 July 30, 2023 November 05, 2023
Orientation April 24, 2023 July 31, 2023 November 06, 2023
Classes Begin June 26, 2023 September 25, 2023 January 08, 2024
Last Day of Quarter September 17, 2023 December 17, 2023 March 24, 2024
Academic & Transfer Advising

You will need to meet with your Advisor throughout your journey with American Collegiate, LA. It is recommended that you meet one-on-one with your advisor a minimum of 3 sessions each quarter. Group advising sessions will also be made available via open office hours. Office hours for each term will be announced during week 1 of classes.

Schedule an appointment with your American Collegiate, LA Advisor here.

Course Registration

Students will be pre-enrolled in all academic courses for their first term. Beginning term 2 and beyond, students will meet with their ACLA Advisor to selective 1-2 elective courses, depending on their study plan.

Center for Academic Success

A website with access to virtual tutors, career advisors, and online resources to help you throughout your university studies

Do you need to improve your academic skills or study habits? Do you need help preparing for an exam or presentation? Are you confused about CPT/OPT or don't even know what career field is best for you? Shorelight's Center for Academic Success has friendly online academic skills and subject area tutors along with expert career advisors to help you with these questions and many more!

Maybe you would also enjoy completing a short eLearning workshop at your own pace? Those are available, too, on topics ranging from Academic Integrity to How to Make American Friends—and everything in between! If you're short on time, try one of the live or recorded webinars.

Give your learning journey the support you need by signing up for a free account today! Here’s how:

1. Click here or scan the QR code to find our Home page.

2. Click the orange “Sign up now” button to request access.

3. On the sign up form, type your given name and family name as you are registered at your university.

4. Type any email address (personal or university, etc.). You will need to access your email to verify your address.

5. Create a password with at least one special character and 6-50 characters total.

6. Type your password again. Write it down or save it in your browser.

7. Type the full name of your university, not just the abbreviation. Your status must be checked.

8. Check the box to accept the Terms & Conditions (feel free to read those first).

9. Optional: Sign up for our newsletter by checking the last box.

10. Click the large orange button that says, “Start your learning journey.”

11. You’ll be asked to verify your email address next. In your inbox, you’ll see two emails from us. Open them and click the link to verify your email address. Check your spam folder if you don't see the two emails.

12. You'll receive an email within two business days to let you know that your account is approved (or if not, how to fix the problem).

13. Return to the Home page linked above (or in the email) to log in when your account access has been approved.

If you encounter any technical trouble, just use the Live Chat button at the bottom of our Home page.


Will I have online courses?

UCLA Extension offers courses in various modalities, including in-person, remote (synchronous online), and online (asynchronous online). Learn more here. Your class schedule will vary every term and may have a combination of these modalities; however, each term you will have at least two in-person classes.

Will all my academic courses transfer to another university?

Each transfer destination will ultimately determine which of your academic credit-bearing courses will transfer to their institution. Your advisors will work with you to ensure you are enrolling in courses with the most likelihood of transferring to your desired transfer destination so that you can make steady progress in your degree requirements.

Will I be able to choose my classes?

You will be pre-enrolled in all academic courses your first term with ACLA. All academic courses during the first term are required and cannot be changed. Beginning with your second term, you will meet with your ACLA advisor to select 1-2 elective courses, depending on your program track and progress. Each term will have at least 1-2 required courses for your study plan.

What type of classes will I take?

ACLA students enroll in a wide range of first-year foundational courses that span the humanities and sciences. Most often these courses will meet prerequisite, general education, and/or elective requirements.

How do I know which math course is right for me?

All ACLA students are required to complete the ALEKS math placement exam upon full acceptance to the program. You will have three opportunities to complete the ALEKS math placemnent exam, and it is highly recommended that you complete the first attempt prior to your Pre-Arrival Advising Session with your ACLA Advisor. The ALEKS math placement exam will inform the ACLA Team which course is the right fit for you based on your current skill level, and your ACLA Advisor will provide guidance on the sequence of math courses based on your score and program track.

What happens if I do not complete the ALEKS math placement exam?

Students without an ALEKS math placement score will be enrolled in Introduction to Statistical Reasoning (STATS XL 10) their first term. Moving forward, if you do not complete the ALEKS math placement exam (or do not score sufficiently to qualify for advanced math courses), you will not be able to enroll in any additional math courses.

Where can I learn more about the courses offered at UCLA Extension?

You can learn more about UCLA Extension course here.
Please note that course offerings can change each term. For this reason, you will work closely with your ACLA Advisor to determine which electives are right for you.

Is tutoring available?
All ACLA students have access to the Center for Academic Success, which can support students with writing assignments, presentations, resumes, and more!


COVID-19 Information

Visit for the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 on campus.

Individuals with F-1 student visa status are required to show proof of COVID vaccination in order to enter the US. Vaccinations must align with the US’s approved list of COVID-19 vaccines. Only two exceptions apply:

  1. Student is from a country with limited COVID-19 vaccine availability (see list here ).
  2. Student is under 18 at the time of travel.

Effective December 06, 2021 – all international travelers (regardless of vaccination status) must show results of a negative coronavirus test taken one day prior to their flight’s departure from a foreign country traveling to the United States.

If neither vaccine exceptions apply to you and you remain unvaccinated, you may not be able to enter the US on the date of your scheduled travel.

For those passengers traveling under one of the above exceptions they must complete and present the Combined Covered Attestation Form to the airline at the time of departure. Passengers must be prepared to answer questions regarding Section 4 of the form and should have a clear understanding of their school's COVID policies.


I need to take a COVID-19 test. Can I take a COVID-19 test while in Los Angeles?
Yes! Please note that any "surveillance" testing is not covered by your ACLA program health insurance, therefore you will be responsible for any costs associated with receiving a COVID-19 test(s). You can find a local LA County or LA City testing center at You can also book an appointment at a local CVS Minute Clinic here.



Immigration and enrollment policies
All students are required to be enrolled full-time under their respective ACLA program track. Failure to remain enrolled full-time will result in the termination of the student's SEVIS record (i.e. I-20) and will the student will be dismissed from the ACLA program. Learn more about maintaining F-1 visa status here.

Immigration advising
UCLA Extension’s International Student Office (ISO) will help students keep track of their student status while studying at UCLA Extension. Click here for more information about UCLA Extension's ISO.

New Student Check-in

Students arriving to campus will need to clearly scan the below listed documents and combine them into one PDF. This combined PDF of documents will then be emailed to the ACLA Team at This combined PDF of documents must be received no later than ACLA Orientation Day 1.


Working as an International Student
Due to the fast-paced nature of the American Collegiate, Los Angeles program, students are not encouraged to find employment while enrolled in the program. Rather, students are encouraged to find community service and volunteer opportunities that will add to their transfer application profile and connect them to the Los Angeles community. Following acceptance to their transfer destination, students may work with their Transfer Advisor or CAP Advisor to research potential campus employment opportunities at the transfer destination.
Job & Career Support

American Collegiate, LA students have the opportunity to earn a UCLA Extension General Studies Certificate, exclusively offered to ACLA student only. Upon successful completion, students gain the following benefits:

  • UCLA Alumni Association Membership
  • Access to UCLA Career Center's online job board, "Handshake", featuring thousands of jobs and internship postings
  • Access to UCLA Extension's Career Resources, including online career coaching, workshops, and networking events
Career Accelerator Program

The Career Accelerator Program (CAP) at American Collegiate, LA allows for students to build their skills and confidence to enter their desired professional field following graduation. Students will have a dedicated CAP Advisor with whom they can connect directly via Pronto and email. Be sure to check your Pronto for the latest events and opportunities available to students!


Parking Information
If you choose to purchase a car while studying with American Collegiate, LA, you will need to be mindful of parking in Los Angeles. Not every space is free or permissable to park at all hours. Whether you intend to park on-campus, in a residential neighborhood, or in a public/private lot, pay close very attention to posted signs. Signs to watch for include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Required city permits to park in residential neighborhoods
  • Street cleaning (often once a week with 2-hour window for no parking)
  • Metered or timed parking
  • Loading zones or Curb-side pickup only
  • Reserved parking for business-specific employees and/or customers
  • Anti-Gridlock Tow-Away Zones
Learn more about Los Angeles parking laws here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is parking included with ACLA program housing?
No. Parking is limited and will be an extra charge, as available.
Can I park on the residential streets where ACLA program housing is located?
Westwood neighborhoods typically require a city-issued permit in order to park on the residential streets. This keeps the neighborhoods safe, as only local residents will be parking near ACLA housing locations. To learn more about obtaining a city-issued parking permit, visit the LA Department of Transportation (LADOT) Parking Permits page.
Can I park on the UCLA main campus or in Westwood Village?
Yes, you may park in any of the parking lots located on the UCLA main campus or around Westwood Village at your own expense. Pay close attention to parking signs and costs before entering a parking lot.
Can I purchase a parking permit day pass or quarterly pass?
Yes, as an ACLA student attending UCLA Extension, you may purchase either a daily parking permit or a quarterly parking permit. Click here to learn more.