American Collegiate Live: The Right Solution for Right Now

Shorelight invites universities and colleges to participate in American Collegiate Live, a distance learning program that helps international students impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak stay on track and on time with their US or Canadian education. Through the American Collegiate Live digital classroom experience, students currently outside North America can begin their degree studies at home, earn up to a full year of recognized academic credits, and get extensive support on successfully transferring to campus. 

The Challenge

Visa availability, travel restrictions, and health concerns have created uncertainty around whether international students will be able to travel to campus this fall, potentially leading to increased deferrals and/or melt rates. While distance learning options can bridge this gap, many traditional online solutions do not sufficiently support new international students, who may come from differing academic cultures, be unaccustomed to and skeptical of online education, and have varying levels of English language proficiency. International students may need help navigating the student visa process, understanding social norms in real time, and transitioning to in-person learning on an American or Canadian campus. So, to ensure student success and retention, universities need a distance-learning solution that addresses international students’ specific academic and cultural needs, while also providing robust support. 

I think Live can make study time more flexible. It is not much different from the traditional classroom. The teacher delivers his courses, we listen and take notes. However, this is a very innovative way to take lessons in real time in different time zones and in different spaces.”

The American Collegiate Live Solution

American Collegiate Live is designed specifically for the unique needs of international students living abroad. Not just another online program, American Collegiate Live’s hybrid model scales university curriculum and activities through online, in-person, and self-learning instruction, so students interact with their campuses as much as possible from home, become familiarized with US and Canadian classroom culture, and build key relationships with their instructors, advisors, and cohort. When they complete their American Collegiate Live experience and head to campus in the US or Canada, they are on track with their degree program, engaged with their campus community, and prepared for success. 

How it Works
    • Students receive live instruction at home from top faculty 
    • Curriculum is tailored to students’ English language proficiency.
    • Engaging virtual classroom uses infinite whiteboards and other state-of-the-art tools.
    • In-time-zone counselors offer bilingual academic support, alongside faculty office hours.

How to Participate

From articulating our coursework into your undergraduate degree program or embedding the option as a dual admission opportunity, American Collegiate Live is fully customizable for your university. To learn more and download our course list, submit the inquiry form.


Thank you

Thank you for your interest in American Collegiate Live! We will be in touch soon via email with next steps. In the meantime, please feel free to download our course descriptions or fill out the course equivalencies with your university here.