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1. Confirm Interest

Confirm the student’s enrollment by submitting their deposit to their preferred destination University.

By confirming enrollment to the destination university, we can evaluate whether your student is eligible for dual admission to their destination university and American Collegiate Live.

2. Submit AC Live Intent Form 

Let us know your student’s interest in American Collegiate Live.

Complete and upload the American Collegiate Live Intent Form to the Admissions Portal via the Miscellaneous (Checklist) Document on their preferred destination University application.

3. Review Document Requirements

Review the required admissions documents that are required for admission to American Collegiate Live. If there are outstanding documents, upload the documents to the Admission Portal via the corresponding Checklist item on their preferred destination University

4. Receive Acknowledgement of Interest

Once the Intent form is received, and American Collegiate required documents have been submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement letter for American Collegiate Live.


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